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arrow Light music is a genre which comprises some of the best crafted, most wonderful music ever made, yet sadly has for no good reason fallen out of popularity in recent years.
arrow Put aside your pre-conceptions and take a listen to some of the most melodic music ever made: tuneful, relaxing and of the highest quality.

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Real Light and Easy Shows
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Real Light and Easy artists who deserve more airplay
Pennies From Heaven

Category: Light & Easy | Jazzy

A high quality collection of gems from the late 30s and early 40s. The perfect introduction to the music from this era, featuring a lovely blend of early jazz, dance bands and classic vocalists.
George Shearing CD cover
Great Britain

Category: Light & Easy

One of our finest pianists, George Shearing has worked with some of the greatest artists.  Many will recognise from distinctive sound from his infamous Nat King Cole arrangements. 
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Henry Mancini CD cover
arrow blue HENRY MANCINI
Great Britain

Category: Light & Easy

Henry Mancini  may be renowned for famous film themes, but delve deeper into his repetoire and you will uncover some of the most carefully crafted masterpieces of all time.  A true legend.
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Johnny Douglas
Great Britain

Category: Light & Easy

A prolific conductor/arranger who produced fine music for over half a century, and worked with a string of British and American stars.  Has left a great legacy of light music for the world to enjoy.
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Neil Richardson
Great Britain

Category: Light & Easy

Neil Richardson is one of the country's finest arrangers.  Working with the BBC Radio Orchestra for many years, he produced some of the all time great arrangements and compositions. 
Nelson Riddle CD Cover
arrow blue NELSON RIDDLE
Great Britain

Category: Light & Easy

Composer and arranger Nelson Riddle produced some of the greatest albums of all time.  He arranged for the very best, helping revive Sinatra 's career along the way, and was an equally prolific composer.
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Paul Weston
arrow blue PAUL WESTON
Great Britain

Category: Light & Easy

A true legend of light music, composer/arranger Paul Weston produced has some fantastic recordings and arranged for so many of the world's greatest singers.  His recordings are truly magical, the richness and mellow sound is a pure delight.
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Rober Farnon CD cover
arrow blue ROBERT FARNON
Great Britain

Category: Light & Easy

Regarded as the greatest composer of light music of all time, Robert Farnon has produced wonderful music for decades. As arranger he's worked with all the greats, including Sinatra and Bennett.
Tutti Camarata
Great Britain

Category: Light & Easy

Salvatore "Tutti" Camarata played a pivotal role in shaping the British music industry, arranging for all the greats and even discovered Vic Damone!  Yet he is little heard of these days, which really is tragedy, given the great music he has produced.
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The legends - those who have made a real contribution to good music
David Ades
arrow blue DAVID ADES
Great Britain

Secretary of the Robert Farnon Society

David Ades, along with his colleagues and the Robert Farnon Society, deserves so much praise for his contribution to light music.  He has worked so hard to help keep this magical genre alive.
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David Jacobs
Great Britain


One of the finest broadcasters of all time, who continues the good music cause with one of the most enjoyable shows on air.  He's had an amazing career which has spanned decades.
Frank Wappat
arrow blue FRANK WAPPATT
Great Britain

Broadcaster and producer

Frank has an encyclopedic knowledge of music, and continues to promote the good music cause with his weekly radio show - a real education in good music. Has a lifetime of great stories to share, too.
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John Fox
arrow blue JOHN FOX
Great Britain

Composer and arranger

John Fox worked with the BBC Radio Orchestra for many years, having arranged for orchestras of over 100 musicians. A prolific composer/arranger, few have contributed so much to good music.  
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Mike Dutton
arrow blue MIKE DUTTON
Great Britain

Founder of Dutton Vocalion records

Mike Dutton should be commended for uncovering and remastering so many great recordings.  His efforts have resulted in the release of many Farnon and other light music CDs on his Vocalion label.  Light music owes much to Mike.
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Steve Race
arrow blue STEVE RACE OBE
Great Britain

Broadcaster and pianist

A fantastic pianist, who in the latter part of his career was one of THE voices of radio.  Presented for years the Radio Orchestra Show, his knowledge of music and relaxed manner are very much missed on the airwaves these days.
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Radio - our choice of real radio
David Jacobs - BBC Radio 2
Great Britain

BBC Radio 2, the David Jacobs Collection

One of the finest broadcasters of all times, sadly only given a late night Sunday slot for his hour of magical musical items.  Always features something wonderful from his own extensive collection.
Desmond Carrington - BBC Radio 2
Great Britain

BBC Radio 2, the Music Go Round

Desmond's show provides the sort of quality that we've enjoyed from Radio 2 over the years, but now seems to be in short supply.  He can be relied upon for some light and easy classics.
Dewi Griffiths - BBC Radio Wales

BBC Radio Wales, A String of Pearls

Dewi's show - "A String Of Pearls" - provides a fabulous mix of music, plus a wealth of information too. Features some light classics, a classy show for lovers of great music.
Gerald Jackson - BBC Radio Lancashire

BBC Radio Lancashire, Unforgettable

Gerald's show - "Unforgettable" - provides a wonderful selection of musical memories from the musical greats. Also features some light and instrumental classics.
John Bennett - BBC Radio Ulster
arrow blue JOHN BENNETT
Northern Ireland

BBC Radio Ulster, Sunday Club

John plays a fabulous mix of music from over the decades, in his weekly Sunday show on Radio Ulster.  Harking back to earlier years, John can be relied upon for some quality light and easy music.
Frank Wappat - BBC Radio Newcastle
arrow blue FRANK WAPPAT

BBC Radio Newcastle

Frank Wappat 's show is one of the most entertaining and educational on radio.  Frank plays such an incredible selection of music, so some light and easy gems are always guaranteed.
Keith Skues - BBC Radio Norfolk
arrow blue KEITH SKUES

BBC Radio Norfolk, The Skues Collection

Keith Skue's sunday show - "The Skues Collection" - delves deep into the legendary broadcaster's vast collection of musical gems. Expect to hear some rare and magnifecent light and easy gems.
Paul Barnes - BBC Radio Norfolk
arrow blue PAUL BARNES

BBC Radio Norfolk

Paul's show is another one that demonstrates the wealth of good music that BBC local radio offers.  Features a fantastic mix of great music, with some great light and easy music in every show.
Beautiful Music Radio
arrow blue Station: BEAUTIFUL MUSIC

Live 365 internet radio station

Amercia appreciates good music, as evident by this fantastic station dedicated to "beautiful music", featuring light music arrangers. You have to pay to avoid annoying ads. Click below to experience the wonderful music now!
Music of Your Life
arrow blue Station: MUSIC OF YOUR LIFE

Internet and US radio station

The Americans lead the way in radio featuring light and easy music.  This fantastic US networked station feature the very best singers and a good smattering of light and easy music too.
Our Kind Of Music
arrow blue Station: OUR KIND OF MUSIC
Great Britain

Internet and DAB radio station

Fantastic radio station which serves up what many of us have wanted for years - top quality, classic vocalists, the classic "song book" and some lovely light music gems too.  A great station!
Vocal artists - links we like
Nelso Riddle - official site
arrow blue NELSON RIDDLE official site

Official site of the man who arranged for the very best

A great site for one of the greatest all time composers and arrangers.  Packed with information, pictures and links to other brilliant music sites. If you are unfamiliar with Nelson Riddle, take a look here now!
Robert Farnon Society website
Great Britain

Internet and DAB Radio Station

A thriving Society devoted to some of the finest musicians in the world of Light Music. The site contains a wealth of information and is the definitive resource for anyone who is interested in good music.
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