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arrow While jazz has millions of fans worldwide, and there are hundreds of jazz stations and websites out there, still many artists and types of jazz get overlooked.  
arrow We've focused on some true gems that come under the title "jazzy", both artists and genres, all which we feel epitomise real quality, and which deserve as much exposure as possible so that perhaps a new audience can share in some of these musical delights.

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at rarely get airplay
Pennies From Heaven

Category: Light & Easy | Jazzy

A high quality collection of gems from the late 30s and early 40s. The perfect introduction to the music from this era, featuring a lovely blend of early jazz, dance bands and classic vocalists.
Al Jarreau
arrow blue AL JARREAU

Category: Jazzy Tunes

Al Jarreau warrants a listing in most categories on this site, but his incredible scat vocal talents mean that he rests most naturally in our Jazzy category.  Still producing outstanding albums today, he is one of the greatest living singers.
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Big Band
arrow blue BIG BAND

Category: Jazzy Tunes

We worry that there is so little Big Band music to be heard on air these days, but for generations the great bands were at the heart of the music industry.  Sadly, their true craft is often misrepresented and misunderstood these days.
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Dance Bands
arrow blue DANCE BANDS
Great Britain

Category: Jazzy Tunes

The dance band era that preceded the big bands still has much to offer, as the music of the great bands and the prolific singers has aged like a fine wine.  Yet we hear so little on today's radio.  Why does it have to be this way, we wonder?
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George Duke
arrow blue GEORGE DUKE

Category: Jazzy Tunes

George Duke deserves a listing here as one of the jazz musicians who helped create a genre: jazz funk. A fantastic musician who has innovated and developed his craft over several decades.
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Jump Jive
arrow blue JUMP JIVE

Category: Jazzy Tunes

If jump jive was at the heart of more clubs and parties we're sure the world would be a happier place! Another genre that is unfairly regarded as "specialist music", but it's no more so than Sixties soul and surely deserves a wider audience?
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Ralph Sharon
arrow blue RALPH SHARON
Great Britain

Category: Jazzy Tunes

Ralph Sharon is one of the great unsung heroes of British popular music. He was musical director and accompanist to Buddy Rich, Rosemary Clooney, Mel Torme, Carmen McCrae, Peggy Lee and most famously Tony Bennett.  A truly sensational artist!
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The legends - those who have made a real contribution to good music
Alan Dell
arrow blue ALAN DELL
South Africa

Broadcaster and producer

Alan Dell kept Big Band and Dance Band music alive through the 70's and 80's with his Radio 2 shows.  His broad knowledge of music and broadcasting finesse are very much missed.
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Humphrey Lyttelton
Great Britain

Jazz man and broadcaster

Humphrey Lyttelton has been presenting The Best of Jazz on Radio 2 for an incredible 40 years! A fine trumpeter, he continues to pioneer the cause of traditional and contemporary jazz.
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Malcolm Laycock
Great Britain


Malcolm took the baton on Radio 2's Dance Band and Big Band shows when Alan Dell passed away, and has now made the slot his own.  He has the rare ability of making listeners feel he is talking to each one individually.
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Sheila Tracey
arrow blue SHEILA TRACEY
Great Britain

Musician and broadcaster

Sheila Tracey is a fine trombonist who became one of the country's finest broadcasters. One of Radio 2's favourites, sadly we no longer have the privilege to hear her lovely voice on the network, which is a great loss to lovers of good radio!
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Radio - our choice of real radio
Dewi Griffiths - BBC Radio Wales

BBC Radio Wales, A String of Pearls

As the name suggests, "A String Of Pearls" provides a fabulous mix of music including lots of big band classics, plus a wealth of information too.  A truly classy show for lovers of this kind of music.
Huphrey Lyttelton - BBC Radio 2
Great Britain

BBC Radio 2, Best of Jazz

Humphrey Lyttelton has been presenting the Best of Jazz since 1967, featuring all kinds of jazz. He continues to do so for 6 months of each year. 
Malcolm Laycock - BBC Radio 2
Great Britain

BBC Radio 2, Dance Band Days and Big Band Sounds

Malcolm's show remains one of the most informative and enjoyable shows for lovers of the great days of the dance bands and the big bands.  Why, oh BBC, is this on late on a Sunday night?
Paul Barnes - BBC Radio Norfolk
arrow blue PAUL BARNES

BBC Radio Norfolk

Paul's show is another one that demonstrates the wealth of good music that BBC local radio offers.  Features a fantastic mix of great music, with plenty of classic and jazzy vocalists on offer too. 
Music of Your Life
arrow blue Station: MUSIC OF YOUR LIFE

Internet and US radio station

The Americans lead the way in radio featuring great classic jazz bands with this fantastic US networked station.  Feature the very best bands, and also some of America's all time great broadcasters.
The Jazz
arrow blue Station: THE JAZZ
Great Britain

Internet and digital radio station

Now that London't Jazz FM has gone smooth, we have a national digital radio statio dedicated to the genre. It does feel a bit like Jazz FM of old, perhaps a tad "mainstream" but still a step in the right direction for the genre.
Vocal artists - links we like
Big Bands and Big Names
arrow blue BIG BAND & BIG NAMES site

Amazing big band resource

Our favourite big band jazz site, clearly run individuals who know their music. Lots of reviews, pictures and other features for enthusiasts - take a look for yourself at the link below now:
Real jazzy artists - have your say
Music talk
If you would like to talk about anything jazzy, suggest an artist we should feature, correct any mistakes or come on board as one of our musical editors, then visit our "Talk" section now. You can also post all your comments, read other articles, and have your say on the state of today's music in our interactive talk site.
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