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arrow Do you like the likes of Diana Krall and Michael Buble?  Then we think you will love this selection of vocalists.  
arrow Take a listen to some of these artists now, most who are masters of their craft, and treat yourself to some fantastic artists whose music is all available now at low prices!
arrow We also pay tribute to some of the legends who have forwarded the good music cause, and helped keep great music alive.

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Real Vocal Shows
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Real Vocal Artists who deserve more airplay
Jack Jones
arrow blue JACK JONES  
Great Britain

Category: Vocal Gems

Jack Jones has been releasing great albums for decades, and is one of the smoothest, easiest singers of all time.  Many of his sensational LPs are all now available on CD.  A fantastic singer.
June Christy
arrow blue JUNE CHRISTY

Category: Real Vocal

The albums released by the "Misty Miss Christy" are among the best ever made.  Many name June as their favourite singer; it's not hard to work out why - hear her and you'll be hooked too.
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Mavis Rivers
arrow blue MAVIS RIVERS
Western Samoa

Category: Real Vocal

A real shame that Mavis 's music is little heard these days, as she had a voice that compared to that of Ella Fitzgerald.  Mavis released some truly sensational albums, now available on CD.
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Mike Redway
arrow blue MIKE REDWAY
Great Britain

Category: Real Vocal

One of our truly great vocalists who has appeared extensively on radio and TV - Mike's voice is up there with the very best. Coupled with arranger Neil Richardson, music doesn't get any better.
Ronnie Hilton
arrow blue RONNIE HILTON
Great Britain

Category: Real Vocal

Ronnie's was quite simply a very special talent. Typically, his less commercially successful songs are the ones that best demonstrate what a truly great singer Ronnie was.
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Vic Damone
arrow blue VIC DAMONE

Category: Real Vocal

This is the chap that Frank Sinatra declared has the "best set of pipes in the business", and we wouldn't disagree.  A rich, magical voice with such an amazing range - a true all-time great.
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The legends - those who have made a real contribution to good music
Alan Dell
arrow blue ALAN DELL
South Africa

Broadcaster and producer

Vocal fans will remember Alan Dell's wonderful Sounds Easy show, but Alan has done so much for the cause of good music. A superlative producer who worked with the biggest names.
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Benny Green
arrow blue BENNY GREEN
Great Britain


Jazz man Benny presented one of the most entertaining shows on radio for many years, and had an encyclopedic knowledge of music. Sunday afternoon's really are not the same without him.
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David Jacobs
Great Britain


One of the finest broadcasters of all time, who continues the good music cause with one of the most enjoyable shows on air.  He's had an amazing career which has spanned decades.
Hubert Gregg
Great Britain

Broadcaster, singer, songwriter, actore...and more!

Hubert Gregg: singer, songwriter, actor, broadcaster - so much talent!  He kept fantastic vintage music alive as he said Thanks for the Memory every week.  Very much missed.
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Russell Davies
Great Britain

Broadcaster and journalist

Few people have the knowledge about popular song of Russell, one of our most talented broadcasters and a top music journalist too.  His Radio 2 show remains one of the "must listen to" programmes on air.
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Radio - our choice of real radio
David Jacobs - BBC Radio 2
Great Britain

BBC Radio 2, the David Jacobs Collection

One of the finest broadcasters of all times, sadly only given a late night Sunday slot for his hour of magical musical items.  A true delight to listen to, one of the best shows on radio.
Desmond Carrington - BBC Radio 2
Great Britain

BBC Radio 2, the Music Go Round

Desmond's show provides the sort of quality that we've enjoyed from Radio 2 over the years, but now seems to be in short supply.  A good portion of great vocalists is always guaranteed.
Dewi Griffiths - BBC Radio Wales

BBC Radio Wales, A String of Pearls

Dewi's show - "A String Of Pearls" - provides a fabulous mix of classic vocalists, plus a wealth of information too.  A truly classy show for lovers of this kind of music.
Gerald Jackson - BBC Radio Lancashire

BBC Radio Lancashire, Unforgettable

Gerald's show - "Unforgettable" - provides a wonderful selection of musical memories from the musical greats. A fantastic show for fans of fabulous vocalists.
John Bennett - BBC Radio Ulster
arrow blue JOHN BENNETT
Northern Ireland

BBC Radio Ulster, Sunday Club

John plays a fabulous mix of classic vocalists from over the decades, in his weekly Sunday show on Radio Ulster.  A great show for those who appreciate quality vocalists.
Frank Wappat - BBC Radio Newcastle
arrow blue FRANK WAPPAT

BBC Radio Newcastle

Frank Wappat 's show is one of the most entertaining and educational on radio.  He always plays some fantastic vocalists, and most of the material is remasterd by Frank himself.  Fantastic!
Keith Skues - BBC Radio Norfolk
arrow blue KEITH SKUES

BBC Radio Norfolk, The Skues Collection

Keith Skue's sunday show - "The Skues Collection" - delves deep into the legendary broadcaster's vast collection of musical gems, and always uncovers some of the very best vocalists of all time.
Russell Davies - BBC Radio 2
Great Britain

BBC Radio 2

Russell's Sunday show focuses on the great songs and the legendary singers, and is an education in music.  For unique and rare examples, no other show can match this education in good music.
Paul Barnes - BBC Radio Norfolk
arrow blue PAUL BARNES

BBC Radio Norfolk

Paul's show is another one that demonstrates the wealth of good music that BBC local radio offers.  Features a fantastic mix of great music, with plenty of classic and jazzy vocalists on offer too. 
Music of Your Life
arrow blue Station: MUSIC OF YOUR LIFE

Internet and US radio station

The Americans lead the way in radio featuring great vocalist with this fantastic US networked station.  Feature the very best singers, and also some of America's all time great broadcasters.
Our Kind Of Music
arrow blue Station: OUR KIND OF MUSIC
Great Britain

Internet and DAB radio station

Fantastic radio station which serves up what many of us have wanted for years - top quality, classic vocalists, the classic "song book" and some lovely light music gems too.  A great station!
Vocal artists - links we like
Nelso Riddle - official site
arrow blue NELSON RIDDLE official site

Official site of the man who arranged for the very best

A great site for one of the greatest all time composers and arrangers.  Packed with information, pictures and links to other brilliant music sites. If you are unfamiliar with Nelson Riddle, take a look here now!
The classic vocal artists - have your say
Music talk
If you would like to talk about the classic vocalists, suggest an artist we should feature, correct any mistakes or come on board as one of our musical editors, then visit our "Talk" section now. You can also post all your comments, read other articles, and have your say on the state of today's music in our interactive talk site.
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