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The home of Soul AM and Master J's very own website. Packed with features, including the Dance Decade, Spin Bin and a shoutbox to contact other fans of Master J

Visit the fantastic SOUL UNIQUE website!
Fantastic London based dance radio station, where you can hear Master J's brilliant Soul Am every Sunday morning.

Click here here to visit Master J's profile on Unknown FM
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The Master J

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There are few individuals out there who can match the knowledge and appreciation of quality soul music of The Master J.

Along with Greg Edwards, MJ continues to fly the flag for the very best in music and deserves his place alongside the greatest. His weekly Soul AM show on Unknown FM has entertained and educated lovers of soul music for (at the time of writing, Jan '08) nearly six years - quite an achievement.  If you want the very best in soul music, then at home with your radio is the only place to be between 10am and midday every Sunday.

What sets MJ apart from other soul DJs is his obvious passion for music, knowledge of the genre, and appreciation of what his audience wants to hear.  His shows provide a weekly delve into a vast collection of original gems (not a CD in sight) which is an education in 70s and 80s soul and jazz funk. Each week, MJ serves up a perfect mix of those definitive tunes that filled the dance floors, together with some of the lesser known tracks that make you wonder why these do not continue to fill our clubs today.

In short, MJ serves up what is probably the best soul show on radio.. ever.  His Dance Decade series focused on soul tracks from a different year each week, and we were treated to the very best that the years of 1979 to 1989 had to offer.  A recent series focusing on album tracks, which was topped off with a show dedicated to the incredible 1980s StreetSounds compilations, demonstrated the originality and understanding that this experienced and talented broadcaster continually provides.  Don't be surprised to hear Greg Edwards himself contact the show either, as the two pioneers of soul go back a long way.

Regulars such as Dynasty, Change, Dayton, Kashif, Melba Moore, Luther and many other classic soul artists feature every week.  But you will also hear lesser known artists, such as the likes of Status IV, Sentiment and TS Monk, which have become cult classics for the many devoted, worldwide listeners to his weekly session.  No other show plays tunes such as these. No other presenter is doing this much for the good soul music cause.

If you are keen to learn about soul music, then we urge you to take a listen to Soul AM this coming Sunday to get a flavour of just how good things were in the 80s.  For added effect, park your XR3i outside the house, put on your Sergio Tacchini tracksuit and Nike Bruins, and pop a TDK AD90 in the deck so you can listen to the show again during the week, which we guarantee you will want to do.

  arrow blue Individual profile

Wayne "MJ" Nevers is one of the UK's leading DJs and pioneers of real soul music. 


MJ was born in Greenwich, London, where a passion for music started at a young age courtesy of the legendary house parties which his mum held in the mid-seventies.  What was it about these parties that was so inspiring? 

   "I was only around 6 or so, but I can remember the grown-ups really feeling the boogie.  They were captivated and enveloped in joy by the grooves of the era - the bump, the hustle, flared trousers, satin pants, and afros.  All the building blocks a soul DJ could ever need.  Plus add in Evel Knievel and the Star Wars trilogy and the Force is complete!"

These early influences have had a lasting effect on a DJ who manages to recapture this magical feeling in every one of his shows and sets. Transporting each and every listener to a time and a place that was very special, a whole new generation can share in some of the magic of this glorious era along with those who experienced it first time around. 

Early career

MJ's record-spinning path started in 1981 with the task of sorting out the sounds for late great Steve Walsh.

   "I was basically a record joey, and big bags they were too"

It was in the summer of 1982 when he got his big break in London, doing the warm-up set for Lindon Tee, Gordon Mack and Steve Walsh. And he hadn't even left school!

During the early eighties, definitive stations such as Radio Invicta, Horizon, JFM, LWR and Solar Radio helped create a huge increase in the awareness and popularity of soul music.  It was inevitable that soul music would break down all barriers, and a young MJ was very much part of this pioneering era in radio's history.

Radio career

MJ enjoyed spells on two of the leading radio stations at the time, Horizon and Solar radio.  Here he met up with the legendary Les Adams who helped bring something completely new to the soul music experience: the Master Mix.  MJ couldn't have taken his inspiration from anyone better, Les Adams going down in history as a man who helped change the face of UK radio forever. This is Inspiration which, he says, has stayed with him to date.

   "In the early 80's, the only way to spend your bank holiday weekend was at Caister. London was also hot and the artists knew that! Maze, Jean Carne, Luther Vandross - just a few who graced our shores. My friends at Mastermind Roadshow brought over Africa Bambatta to set a new spin to playing on the wheels of steel!

    I have had the pleasure of seeing music eras change and change again and the DJ's that change with them. But me! I don't think so! Here's some clubs on my circuit you might have got down to: Vibe, Spats, 100 Club, Ronnie Scott's, Pink Flamingos, Gin Palace, Dunn Cow, The Wag, Gossips, Legends and many many more

The Birth Of Soul AM On 90.2fm

More recently, MJ received an invitation to join leading London based radio station Uknown FM.

   "The owners were original soul heads from the school of funk. There was one small catch....9 AM till Noon Sundays! I took it and named it Soul AM. I soon found out it was one of the best moves I have recently made. Real music listeners both young and old with nothing but respect for the grooves we all love"

The show has become essential listening for London's many soul devotees.  The show's unique nature has included many features over its many years on air, including:

arrow The Dance Decade - playing homage to ten years in order per week to club
arrow Soul from 1977/87 - each week a new year, just like being there
arrow Undiluted - playing 3 club classics chosen by you the listener via email
arrow Classic Artists - paying homage to artists, albums and compilations, such as the Street Sounds collection.

The show is soon to enter into its 6th year.

   "I love soul music and I hope you do too!" - The Master Jay, 2008

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